the Baroque house

the folds in the soul and
the pleats of matter
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the Baroque House: folds in the soul and the pleats of matter

After being based in Radolfzell-Möggingen for several decades, in 2014 Galerie Vayhinger moved to the neighbouring town of Singen on the border to Switzerland, where they renovated a three-storey house to provide a gallery space on the ground floor and living spaces on the upper floors.

Gilles Deleuze employs a similar arrangement at the beginning of his book The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, using a two-storey Baroque house as a metaphor for mind and body. The fold is firstly the interface between the two floors, regulating the relationship between the “common rooms” of the lower floor and the sealed ‘private rooms’ of the upper one. He describes the upper floor as a windowless “dark room or chamber decorated only with a stretched canvas ‘diversified by folds’”, representing “an innate form of knowledge”, that is “the folds in the soul”. The lower floor is pierced by windows and doors: the five senses. Impressions from the external world entering through the openings are enveloped by the rooms, becoming “the pleats of matter”. The two floors communicate through “vibrations or oscillations”, “resonating as if it were a musical salon” in the “upper floor, blind and closed”.

Tim Beeby’s exhibition is a painterly environment, determined by and an intervention in the architecture of the gallery. The spaces have been transformed into a windowless chamber, as described by Deleuze. Paintings from the series Folds, their dimensions determined by those of the windows and doors, have been let into all but one of the door openings, sealing the space. The concept relates not only to Deleuze’s but also to ideas in traditional Western art of painting as a ‘window’. Instead of creating an optical window in the walls, however, the Folds generate a new painterly reality within the actual window openings. In addition, a custom designed dining table which, like the paintings, has been fabricated on site, emphasises notions of a “common room” that the gallerists will be able to use for both private and public events during the exhibition. The existence of a private sphere on the upper floors will be apparent to visitors to the exhibition, but like Deleuze’s upper floor and the souls of other people will remain closed to us. 

Installation views:
 Tim Beeby – the Baroque house
Galerie Vayhinger, January 14 – February 19, 2017



14.01. – 19.02.2017

Galerie Vayhinger

Schaffhauser Str. 22 / 78224 Singen/Germany

T + 49 (0)7731 / 976 16 40

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